Colonial Social Structure

This is the second hand out I made for my two grade six classes. I’ve infused pictures as well as some short activities to encourage them to actually read these. Making hand outs and presentations for my classes have made me realize how much I enjoy the prerequisite material development that takes place before classroom instruction.

This hand out is about the societal changes that took place under Spanish colonization in the archipelago. I chose to focus on changes in class structure because I’m using social stratification as one of the narrative threads that links all the lessons in the entire unit. One of the essential understandings that I want the kids to realize is the incremental development that takes place over time, which to me is one of the salient features of history. I hope that by the end of the unit, they will come to realize that the sense of being Filipino and being one nation underwent this gradual process. Examining the social classes and their transformations is intended to help the students come to this realization later on in the unit.

So, here you go:


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