Wigan, Carabaos, Balikbayan Boxes and More

Reblogging this here to keep all posts about books in one place.

The Nightly Dump

On the way home I dawdled at Powerbooks on a whim and predictably, I couldn’t leave without foraging and taking something home. Here are the spoils:

Ang Malaking Kahon ng Sorpresa

  • A children’s book that will likely be featured sometime in the coming months at a friend’s review site, Xi Zuq’s Nook. As an undergrad I often bought my children’s books in book fairs and book sales, never at book stores. So I was quite surprised to discover that Powerbooks only carried Vibal (LG&M) and Lampara children’s books. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Quote ang Quote Weekly Planner

  • weekly planner from the “Quote ang Quote” series of office paper supplies. I’m a complete sucker for cartoon animal sketches and silly puns so this collection distributed by All & Sundry is a fatal combination for my wallet. Soon enough I’ll have the perfect excuse to get myself another one of their notepads as I’m down to the last few…

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