A Reader’s Response to Maus

Also reblogging this to keep all my book reviews in one place.

The Nightly Dump

MausOver the weekend, the deer and I read Art Spiegelman‘s Maus, a landmark graphic novel that has helped further the serious study of the genre as a legitimate art form. We picked up the book from a reading list in the Comics, Books, and Graphic Novels class we’re both taking via Coursera (this is the first time we’ve ever been classmates so I wonder if the deer will get competitive harhar). There were several other graphic novels in the list but we chose Maus first because it had been recommended by a prof I admired from my undergraduate days.

I’m not a wide reader of comics, though when I was little I read a few titles such as the Spiderman Blood Brothers arc and a couple of Quasar issues, both my brother’s favorites. But I only really started reading graphic novels around two years ago because of the deer’s infectious enthusiasm…

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