Zsazsa Zaturnnah sa Kalakhang Maynila: A Close Reading Part 1

Reblogging this here to keep all book reviews in one place. I’m such a messy blogger.

The Nightly Dump

Zsazsa Zaturnnah sa Kalakhang Maynila Zsazsa Zaturnnah sa Kalakhang Maynila  is pretty loaded with social commentary. From its opening pages alone, the book straightaway comments on gender relations and socio-economic inequality.  All throughout, in a series of recurring flashbacks juxtaposed with scenes of Ada and Dodong’s interactions, the book explores the viability of a relationship between a bakla and a man. Can a man really fall in love with a bakla? But in addition to this, the komiks also asks: What does it mean to be a bakla? Is a bakla the same as a woman? What does it mean to be a woman? Ada’s ability to transform from Ada to Zsazsa, by itself is an attempt to answer these questions. I expect this thread of inquiry will be explored further in the promised two sequels.

But already telling scenes from Sa Kalakhang Maynila reveal some possibilities. There’s a seemingly inconsequential scene in Page 16 of an…

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