Sebwano Alphabet Book: Letrang A

Reblogging here since this is related to Mother Tongue L<3ve.

The Nightly Dump

Today I wanted to take some time off writing after two weeks of word work and revising till the wee hours of dawn; powered by lots and lots of tea. I needed to turn off the stress switch in my head. So I decided to shift from one creative mode to another, that is from text to graphics, and put my teacher-designer hat on. Here’s what I worked on today:

Sebwano Alphabet Book &quot;Aa&quot;

This is a page for a Sebwano alphabet book I’m thinking of compiling. I’ve recently restarted an old project called Istoryang Binisaya on Facebook. I haven’t gotten around to updating the counterpart blog though so that’s one more pending task on my plate. But I digress. There are thirty-five things starting with the letter “a” in the picture. At least, that’s the number of objects that I knowingly drew here. If you get more than thirty-five that would be even better…

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