Demotivation and Authentic Communication

This is a note from a two-year-old journal:

From reading up on demotivation I learned the importance of the teacher in keeping students motivated. This is a departure from traditional conceptions of teaching focused on lectures from a teacher-centered approach.

At the same time, having this awareness has helped me approach my own learning with responsibility. I, too, can motivate myself.

From the same journal I jotted down a relevant quote:

Learning is best understood as an interaction among practitioners, rather than a process in which a producer provides knowledge to a consumer. (Etienne Wenger; from Informal Learning, Jay Cross)

Make your participants converse authentically:

  • world cafe
  • salons
  • study circles
  • appreciative inquiry
  • open space
  • strategic dialogues
  • wisdom circles

Taken from Deschooling Society, I. Illich (1999).


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