Fill-in-the-blank Activities for Language Teaching

This is a sample fill-in-the-blanks activity given out by a classmate who was doing a report on the topic during my undergraduate years. I can’t remember who gave it out but this was illustrative.

guided writing sample

The set of words provided in the circle is scaffolding in practice. Learners who are only beginning to learn English often have a limited vocabulary. By providing options, the teacher helps the learners focus on the meaning of the adjectives and how they complete the thought in each sentence.

Using a story as an overall structure for the activity was a good call. This provides context and logic to the selection of words, which help learners decode meaning. Printing the material in a hexagon also makes this activity interesting. Just that subtle presentation differentiates it from the routine slips of paper learners have probably gotten used to answering. Lastly, I can imagine asking learners if they notice anything similar with the words in terms of function.

There are some points that could be improved though. First off, instructions should always be provided. The layout also needs some work. The large B in the first sentence could be confusing for learners unfamiliar with this storybook format. Although I understand this is an attempt to further establish a sense of story. Lastly, the words in the ellipse should be printed out in the same font size. There is no logic to their differing sizes, and this unnecessary dimension would only confuse learners.

Here’s another sample from a different classmate. This time the content is more difficult. The target skill here isn’t only meaning and making sense but also knowing what conjunctions are:

Fill-in-the-blanks activity sample 2


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