Notes for Rookie Teachers

These notes were taken during our senior student seminar classes in the College of Education UP Diliman.

  1. Have hands on group activities. These are opportunities for promoting collaboration and competition.
  2. Make transitions between lessons SMOOTH.
  3. Do not lecture for the entire period. Break up the lesson into segments of no more than twenty minutes (ten to fifteen minutes for lower grades). Wrap up ten minutes before the class ends.
  4. Aim for FLOW by Mihaly Czikszentmihayli. How? Match the activity and/or lesson with your students’ personal capacities.
Teacher's Feet
  1. Remain ‘with it’ which means STAY AWARE. Intervene promptly when inappropriate behavior threatens to become disruptive (Good & Brophy, 2003).
  2. Walk around the classroom a lot. Periodically scan your students’ faces. Make eye contact with each student if possible, especially with students who exhibit behaviors that look like they could become problems. When this does not work, stand by them, redirect behavior quietly.
  3. Catch students doing good! Rather than focusing on the bad.
  4. Use punishment sparingly.
  5. Admonish behavior, not the person. DO NOT LABEL.
  6. Circulate around the room in a non-threatening manner.
  1. Get to know students and embrace classroom differences as a fundamental aspect of the human condition.
  2. Greet your students and call them by their preferred name.
  3. Use attentive, active listening when interacting with your students.
  4. Attend activities that your students may be involved in.
  5. Inquire about their health after an absence.
  6. Use names when writing comments on their work.
  7. Self esteem is important – avoid humiliating them.
smiling teacher

Last but not least, ask yourself: Is my attitude worth catching? Be contagious! Come to school smiling every day. Be a positive example to your students.


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