The Many Facets of Social Studies

See just what a tall order social studies teachers have cut out for them. These are approaches to social studies identified by Morris R. Lewenstein and then some:

  • as liberal education (intellectual training)
  1. think effectively
  2. comunicate thought
  3. make relevant judgments
  4. discriminate among values
  • for life adjustment
  1. health
  2. communication and computation skills
  3. worthy home membership
  4. vocation
  5. citizenship
  6. worthy use of leisure
  7. ethical character
  1. self-realization
  2. human relationships
  3. economic efficiency
  4. civic responsibility
  • for political citizenship
    >knowledge, skills, attitudes
    >intellectual understanding
    >critically examine ideology and practices of own institutions and competing systemsSome citizenship education goals:

    • develop an interest in the affairs of government
    • develop an understanding that democratic government is a tool to be used by people to solve common problems and provide for common needs
    • develop a belief in the value of a democratic system of government
    • develop a desire to participate in the affairs of government – be active in pressure groups, take part in activities of political parties, run for office
    • develop an interest in the civil service as a possible career
    • develop a technical understanding of how government operates, including the rights and responsibilities of individual citizens
    • develop skills of group participation and decision-making
    • develop habits and skills of keeping well-informed

Another facet I’d also like to add:

  • as social action

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