Event-Packed End of the Week

This end of the week is eventful, to say the least. I went to the Pilandokan conference yesterday and to Save the Children’s Manguna sa Unang Pagbasa today. Tomorrow I’ll be at the Readercon 2013. It’s exciting to be getting more involved with literacy events and several thoughts have been running through my head on ways I can better contribute to these initiatives as a teacher as well as writer, editor, and illustrator of sorts. And you know what, even as a reader of books! I’m hoping to get some peace and quiet time on Sunday to put my thoughts down in one place, but for now I leave you with an off the top of my head musing on the inspiring work being done by Save the Children for minority language communities:

So many thoughts running through my head from Pilandokan and Unang Pagbasa conferences. Really excited for MTB-MLE in the country because of projects like Save the Children’s First Read initiative. They work hand-in-hand with the community! I can imagine such a range of positive (although perhaps unintended) impact made possible by their efforts, among them a sense of commitment to education as a public, familial, individual investment. All stem from their strategy of engaging and mobilizing community resources.

Here are the front covers of some of the books Save the Children gave out today which are the output of the collective effort of various organizations, writers, illustrators, and most importantly the minority language communities themselves!


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