The College Undergraduate Readings Index

Updated 10 Dec 2013 to add new titles

After some seven years in Metro Manila, I will be moving back to the province real soon. The more obvious logistical problem for me was what to do with my accumulated readings. My solution of choice for this dilemma was buying a scanner and digitizing my dead tree collection of academic references. I am storing two copies in online drives to free up the hard drive of my poor rickety laptop. But as I’m averse to useful information sitting idly, I’m sharing an index here for students who may need these readings or for anyone out there pursuing lifelong learning. The digitization project is ongoing so the list here will be continually updated throughout the course of this initiative. For those who need copies of any of the entries listed below, leave a message and I’ll send you a public/share link.

  • A Letter on Art in Reply to Andre Daspre, Louis Althusser
  • An Introduction to Literature, Sylvan Barnet, et al
  • Art of Fiction, Gardener
  • Basic Problems of the Filipino People
  • Batanes Archaeological Project and Out of Taiwan Hypothesis, P. Bellwood & E. Dizon
  • Blurring Boundaries, D. Goellnight
  • Catholic Imagination, Andrew Greeley
  • Changing Patterns of Peasant Mobilizations
  • Citizen’s Guide to Congress
  • Classical Typologies of Political Systems
  • Colonialist Criticism, Chinua Achebe
  • Cracks in the Parchment Curtain, W.H. Scott
  • Cuaresma, eds Cordero-Fernando, Zialcita
  • Cultures & Texts, Pertierra & Ugarte
  • Dialectic For Sex
  • Dilemma of Philippine Campaign Politics
  • Executive & Presidency
  • Formalist Critics
  • Guide to Government
  • Hard to Imagine, Benedict Anderson
  • Hispanization of the Philippines, J.L. Phelan
  • Hundred Years of Families, Shiela Coronel
  • Identity, Crisis & Gender Politics, Jinqi Ling
  • Intentional Fallacy
  • Interaction Between Text and Reader
  • Kristin Lavrandsdatter, Sigrid Undsett
  • Legitimating Aspects of Colonial Discourse
  • Making Cultural Heritage Alive
  • Materials and Sources of Dreams, S. Freud
  • Michel Foucault
  • Migration & Complexity in Holocene Island Southeast Asia
  • New Nomads, Eva Hoffman
  • Orientalism, Edward Said
  • Origin of the Filipinos and Their Languages, W. Solheim
  • Peace, Tolerance and Harmony as Core Values of Philippine Culture, L. Quisumbing
  • Peopling the Pacific, Ann Gibbons
  • Philippine History Timeline
  • Philippine Studies & The New Ethnography, R. Pertierra
  • Poetics of Space, Gaston Bachelard
  • Political Economy of Permanent Crisis, Walden Bello
  • Political Parties in 2007 Elections, J. Rocamora
  • Politics of the Possible, Kumkum Sangari
  • Portrait of Filipino Entrepreneurs in America, F. Magdalena
  • Post Colonial Literatures and Counter Discourse, Helen Tiffen
  • Shipping Out Harpers
  • Spatial Trauma Desire
  • Studies in Moro History, Law, and Religion
  • Unsustainable Development, W. Bello
  • Decline of the Factory
  • Laugh of the Medusa

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