Recipes from home


1/2 – 1 kg fish
1/2 glass or more vinegar – lagyan ng konting tubig kung Datu Puti, tuba is best
half a bulb garlic
1 inch ginger
1/2 – 1 tspn salt
1 bundle leaks – only before serving
1 tspn oil

1) Saute garlic and ginger.

2) Add the fish.

3) Mix in all the ingredients except oil.

4) When vinegar boils, put 1 tspn oil.



strain 4-6 pcs kalamansi
1/2 kg pork (must have fat)
1 glass toyo
2 tbspn sugar or muscovado

1) Mix everything in a pot.

2) Keep a low fire.



1 takos malagkit
1 small condensed milk
sugar – according to taste

1) Wash the malagkit rice.

2) Add water  measuring from fingertip to mid palm.

3) When about to boil (steam becomes visible), add five pcs tablea. Do not stir yet. Wait for it to melt.

4) When the water boils, keep the flame low.

5) Stir when rice is soft.

6) When rice has broken, put in the condensed milk.

7) When the mixture boils, put as much sugar as desired.

8) Continue stirring.

*Estimated 1 hour cooking time



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