Quotable Profs

I learned so much from my Anthro 185 and Anthro 10 classes under the unforgettable Prof. R. Esteban! His classes were among the most thought-provoking, mental horizon expanding, and humorous throughout my extended stay in the university. I managed to write down some (unfortunately not all) of the quips he shared in class:

If you’re a genius, you’re a genius and a genius is a man of shortcuts. What takes you a month, a genius does in a day.

Don’t believe that talent is unlimited.

What is useful we conserve, and in fact we develop further. (on eating and raising dogs)

The world of the child expands. The world of the old shrinks, the world of the old is memory. It shrinks until it is lost. (paraphrased)

The moment we look at reality with a bare eye, it’s fun.

You can only interpret after you have established the fact.

When you read a text consider the author dead because it is only when you consider the author dead that you give the text justice, it’s due.

All songs are about emotion, and I think RNB is OA.


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