Summer Komikon Stash: Supremo

supremoSupremo is the only non-comic in my loot. It’s a chapter book with spot and spread comic illustrations. I knew about the book beforehand because I helped a little bit with the editing when it was still just a word document. It’s about the cute and also the ugly truth behind elementary school student council elections. As a social studies teacher, I would use this story in class to talk about why the electoral process in the Philippines is so dirty. Heh a teacher always has to be on the lookout for teaching moments and learning materials 24/7, you know. The kids will love it too because the book is pretty funny and there’s fisticuffs over a crush.

In addition to the book’s humor as well as its use in the classroom, Supremo is awesome because it was made by two elementary school teachers! Grabbing a copy was for me a show of support to these comrades. MJ who goes by the nom de plume Xi Zuq teaches in Raya while Al Estrella, if I have my facts straight, teaches in a barrio school. Their background as teachers is front and center in Supremo and even in Al Estrella’s own work as Mots Mots of Teacher’s Pwet.


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