For Borderline and For Bong Redila

I first posted this Borderline fan art on Facebook after a fellow reader of the komiks told me creator Bong Redila has sort of gone missing online, suspecting he was on hiatus or worse. She and I have never met before. We were complete strangers to each other. But she reached out to me, a kindred reader, to share in the sliver of sadness and fretting that readers/fans feel for a work that they love. So I read in other places about people missing Borderline. One reader even made a Borderline panel as panawid gutom for well, perhaps we can call it literary hunger. That gesture spoke to me: the congruence of what Borderline does for readers (drawing us in and freeing up our imagination, allowing us to complete the story on the page) with what readers/fans were now doing as they missed Bong’s work, which was fill Bong’s absence with art. I thought that was beautiful and precious. I didn’t even have to think it through, there was the congruence and this Borderline here blossomed in my head quickly and quietly. It was just there and I set to work. I thank Bong Redila for his beautiful worlds on the borderline of the uncanny, and I hope to be in them again, soon.


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