Day in the Life of a Public School Teacher – Hey July!

This morning we had a faculty meeting to discuss several concerns in school. This included the celebrations for the month of July, namely: Nutrition Month, Environmental Awareness Month, and Disaster Risk and Preparedness Month. Aside from reminding teachers to expect class interruptions due to activities being organized in line with these themes, we were also told to integrate these themes into our lesson plans this month. To be honest, there was a teeny tiny voice in my head who went augggh on top of all the things I’m already doing?! but then again there is that other part of me that’s easily tempted to rise to the occasion. After all, there is value in striving toward expanding a subject from being mere academic load into a discipline that has relevance in our kid’s lives. So, the cogs in my brain started their whirring.

Photo grabbed from Prince Fellosco of

Right now, I have ideas for Nutrition Month. I’ll tackle obesity, its relation to poverty, and the incentives and factors that influence its acquisition in my Economics class. For my World History class, I could do the same thing but perhaps we could look at it from a broader view, looking at which countries have high incidence of obesity and looking at the factors that could be influencing these trends from a human-environment interaction perspective. Or, we could also look at the history of obesity, and when it emerged as an illness in the history of the human race. For my Research class, we could probably calculate Body Mass Index as a practical application of our topic on measuring as a basic science process skill. I could also make the students hypothesize about causes and conduct a simple research of existing literature to verify/refute their claims.

As for Environment Month and Disaster Risk and Preparedness, I’m still mulling about it. If you have any ideas, please don’t hesitate to hit me up or leave a comment below. I appreciate all the inspiration I can get.

Update: Thanks to National Geographic, I think I have an idea for Environment Month integration with my World History class: Ocean Trash: 5.25 Trillion Pieces and Counting, but Big Questions Remain and Nine Cities That Love Their Trees


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